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About Our School

Christa McAuliffe Elementary at Cimarron Hills launched on August 16th, 2007 and has been serving the Cimarron Hills community ever since.  We offer every child the opportunity to receive personalized learning opportunities through differentiated instruction, technology integration, and collaboration.    


Colorado Springs School District 11Strategic Plan

Core Values (our shared beliefs describe who we are as a community)

We believe:

  • In the inherent worth of every individual and the power of equitable practices to unleash potential.
  • Diversity enriches the human experience and strengthens community.
  • Healthy relationships provide mutual understanding and enhance life.
  • Continuous learning nourishes life.
  • Integrity is fundamental to building trust.

Mission (our purpose—or what we want our students to leave us with)

We dare to empower the whole student to profoundly impact our world.

Mission Impacts (how we will know we are moving toward our mission)

  • Each student will innovatively adapt to evolving challenges.
  • Each student will actively pursue learning that continually challenges them to grow and achieve their personal best.
  • Each student will develop personal, social, and cultural competencies and apply them intentionally in their lives.

Vision (what our future will look like)

We are a dynamic, collaborative community of energized educators, engaged students and supportive partners with a passion for continuous learning.

Strategies (the most critical work needed to move toward our mission)

In pursuit of our mission and mission impacts:

  • We will cultivate a collaborative culture that promotes intentional, mission-driven change.
  • We will align our actions to our shared understanding of and commitment to the strategic plan.
  • We will guarantee an ecosystem of equitable practices to meet the unique needs of all.

Strategic Delimiters (things that have tripped us up in the past—and we commit not to do going forward)

We will not:

  • Allow past practices to create barriers to new and innovative ideas.
  • Avoid conflict or difficult conversations, nor engage in problem solving through the lens of blame.
  • Engage in initiatives that are misaligned with our mission